Hi everyone,

Grade 1B enjoyed the science works excursion which has supported our learning on our Inquiry topic – The Weather.

Firstly, we went to the planetarium where we watched Tycho the Moon Show. The show provided information about outer space, the phases of the moon, sun, stars and constellations.

Grade 1B had a general viewing of Scienceworks, exploring Sports works and Think ahead – a gallery showing the future in communication; medicine and health; music and sound; food; natural systems; transport; space; cities; daily life; and money.

Lastly, we explored the Alice’s Wonderland exhibition and the Nitty Gritty Exhibition where children were encouraged to push buttons, pull ropes, investigate materials, encounter sounds, objects and other people




Remember Jess!?

Grade 1B was so excited when we had a letter address posted to us, all the way from Switzerland!
Our friend Jess who left us in term one to moved over seas had sent us a letter about her new life in Switzerland.

Everyone wanted to write a letter to Jess, therefore we wrote letters to Jess asking her questions and sharing information about what Grade 1B have been doing.

Here what we wrote to Jess, some children also wrote some separate letters to Jess.


Dear Jess

Thank you for sending us a letter. Grade 1B are writing this as a class. We are sorry we didn’t write sooner. It has taken a while, because we all wanted to write back to you and we have just had the school holidays. – Mrs Ferraro

It is very cold and right now it’s raining. – Emma

Do you wear school uniform and what colour is it? – Hannah

We miss you very much! – Angus Katherine

Have you made any friends? And what are their names? – Kade and James

What are you learning about?- Tate

We have two new students in our class, Will and Asher and they say hello.

What number is your letterbox? Monet

Last term we learnt about the past and present, we had visitor who we taught maths games to and learnt about the Australian coins. –Lilly, Leah, Metia and Sullivan,

What are doing for fun? Ava

What’s kindergarten like? Jai

What’s your teacher’s name? Spencer

We hope you are enjoying your new home and we still think about you.

Thank you for writing to us

From grade 1 B


Here is Jess’s letter 🙂


RBIT day

Today Grade 1B celebrated Reading in Bed is Terrific day! We celebrated the day by wearing our pyjamas, bringing our favourite toy, book, a pillow or a blanket.

Throughout the morning, we celebrated by having a pyjama parade, sharing our favourite stories with our peers, making bookmarks and having biscuit and flavoured milk while reading a story.
In in the afternoon we joined the grade fives who made cubby houses out of blankets, who read the stories to us.

It was great to see so many enthusiastic readers!



Chicken Hatching Program

Grade 1B had a delightful 2 weeks watching our chicks hatch and grow. Each day the children wrote an entry in their chicken diaries about what was happening and how they changed overtime. The chicken hatching program was a great way to teach children about the life cycle of chickens and how we care for animals.

Have you shared your chicken diary?



Visit from Martin Stockdale

Last Tuesday we were lucky to have a visit from Martin Stockdale who is a dad of Julia in 1C. Martin owns a chicken farm and shared his experience with us about running a chicken farm. Martin shared with us there are two types of chickens that are bred, which are for eggs or meat. Martin raised his chicks for meat. Martin describe the process for raising his chicks until they are sold for supermarkets and KFC. Martin showed us different tools and resources that he uses to look after the chicks and for feeding them.

Martin also brought along 3 day old chicks which we got to hold, this helped prepare the grade ones for their own chicks.

Here are some photos of us holding the chicks 🙂










A visit from a lamb named Bob

I’m sure you may have heard from your child that we had a visit from a lamb, yes it’s true!

The Grade 1’s were lucky to have a visit from a one week old lamb who wandered through the grade one classrooms throughout the day. The children had turns looking after Bob. The grade ones ensured we fed him milk at feeding time and took him for a small walk.

He he did have a nappy on, just in case he had an accident in the classroom. The children thought this was hilarious!


Farm Excursion

What a wonderful, exciting day Grade 1B had at the farm excursion. There was lots to do! We started off our farm adventure riding Stella, the Shetland pony. Once we all had a ride, we went on the tractor on the way to feed some farm animals such as goats, sheeps, cows and geese.

On the way back, we did some poo sweeping. The boys and girls versed, to see which team could fill the wheelbarrow up the fullest. The boys won the challenge, but only just!

After our challenge we set off to the chicken pen, to see chickens laying eggs and the turkeys. We visited the nursery later, where the children all got to hold baby animals.

Before we set off home we got to milk the dairy cow and churned the milk cream to make butter. The children got to eat their butter on a cracker, which tasted delicious! Thank you to the parents who came and to those who put their hand up to come.


Education week

Thanks to everyone who attended our open hour for education week. The children had a blast showing you our maths games!!

Learning about capacity!

On Thursday we measured the capacity of our lunch boxes! After we measured our lunch boxes we compared them! Tate had the smallest lunchbox which held the capacity of 66 unifix blocks. Spencer had to largest lunchbox with the capacity of 444 unifix block.