Farm Excursion

What a wonderful, exciting day Grade 1B had at the farm excursion. There was lots to do! We started off our farm adventure riding Stella, the Shetland pony. Once we all had a ride, we went on the tractor on the way to feed some farm animals such as goats, sheeps, cows and geese.

On the way back, we did some poo sweeping. The boys and girls versed, to see which team could fill the wheelbarrow up the fullest. The boys won the challenge, but only just!

After our challenge we set off to the chicken pen, to see chickens laying eggs and the turkeys. We visited the nursery later, where the children all got to hold baby animals.

Before we set off home we got to milk the dairy cow and churned the milk cream to make butter. The children got to eat their butter on a cracker, which tasted delicious! Thank you to the parents who came and to those who put their hand up to come.


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