RBIT day

Today Grade 1B celebrated Reading in Bed is Terrific day! We celebrated the day by wearing our pyjamas, bringing our favourite toy, book, a pillow or a blanket.

Throughout the morning, we celebrated by having a pyjama parade, sharing our favourite stories with our peers, making bookmarks and having biscuit and flavoured milk while reading a story.
In in the afternoon we joined the grade fives who made cubby houses out of blankets, who read the stories to us.

It was great to see so many enthusiastic readers!



2 thoughts on “RBIT day

  1. Dear Mrs Ferraro and 1B,
    Your pyjama day looked like lots of fun. From our classroom we could see some of the Year 1s arriving at school and it was fun to see all the different outfits they were wearing. Everyone looked very happy and cosy!
    from Mrs Miller

  2. Dear Mrs Ferraro and 1B,
    It looked like you had an awesome day in your warm and cosy pyjamas. I was starting to get a bit jealous that you were in your pyjamas and we weren’t. It looked like a very happy and joyful day

    Your’s Sincerely
    Hayley M.
    (My Blog)

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