Remember Jess!?

Grade 1B was so excited when we had a letter address posted to us, all the way from Switzerland!
Our friend Jess who left us in term one to moved over seas had sent us a letter about her new life in Switzerland.

Everyone wanted to write a letter to Jess, therefore we wrote letters to Jess asking her questions and sharing information about what Grade 1B have been doing.

Here what we wrote to Jess, some children also wrote some separate letters to Jess.


Dear Jess

Thank you for sending us a letter. Grade 1B are writing this as a class. We are sorry we didn’t write sooner. It has taken a while, because we all wanted to write back to you and we have just had the school holidays. – Mrs Ferraro

It is very cold and right now it’s raining. – Emma

Do you wear school uniform and what colour is it? – Hannah

We miss you very much! – Angus Katherine

Have you made any friends? And what are their names? – Kade and James

What are you learning about?- Tate

We have two new students in our class, Will and Asher and they say hello.

What number is your letterbox? Monet

Last term we learnt about the past and present, we had visitor who we taught maths games to and learnt about the Australian coins. –Lilly, Leah, Metia and Sullivan,

What are doing for fun? Ava

What’s kindergarten like? Jai

What’s your teacher’s name? Spencer

We hope you are enjoying your new home and we still think about you.

Thank you for writing to us

From grade 1 B


Here is Jess’s letter 🙂


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