Grandparent’s day

Thank you to all the Grandparents and special friends who came to visit today. Our inquiry topic this term is about the past and the present. Our Grandparents and special friends brought special items to share with Grade 1B, which the children loved!

These stories and sharing has given Grade 1B a greater insight about our past, and they are so engaged because they are learning about part of their Grandparent’s past.

Thank you once again, your time and knowledge has been very valuable to Grade 1B and our Inquiry topic.


Grade 1B Museum excursion!

Hi Everyone,

Here are some photos of our excursion to the Melbourne Museum! There was lots learn at this excursion. Grade 1B took a tour to the Forest Gallery, Melbourne Story Gallery, Mind and Body Gallery and Science and  Life Gallery.

The Melbourne Story Gallery was a great way to extend the children’s learning of our inquiry topic  (Past and Present.) There were many artefacts to look at, which provided the children with an insight of objects used in the past and how people lived in the olden days.








Excursion is tomorrow!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the excursion so please be at school by 8.45. It will make it easier for the children if they bring a disposable drink bottle, lunch and snack in two separate labelled plastic bags rather than their school bag.

If you read this post after the excursion, please don’t stress I am bringing plastic bags incase.


This week library = Wednesday

Hi everyone,

I have informed Grade 1B today about library being changed to Wednesday (tomorrow) for this week due to Melbourne Museum excursion. Just sending a reminder if they haven’t mention it to please bring their library bags tomorrow.

Enjoy your night!

Mrs Ferraro

Subtraction bowling!

Wow! Learning about subtraction has been so much fun already in Grade 1B. Today we played subtraction bowling where the children were given cups. Each group were to record the number of cups they started with and take away how many cups they knocked over with their ball. Each turn the children recorded how they would write this as a subtraction equation. It was a great way to engage the children in learning!


William’s baby rabbits

Grade 1B loves animals! On Friday Will brought his baby rabbits Shadow and Snowy to Grade 1B. Thanks for sharing Will!!


What’s the time?!

This week we have also been learning about analog and digital time. The students have been learning how to tell time with o’ clock and half past.





We are team players!

Our You can do it lesson this week was based on being a team player. Grade 1B were placed into a group of three where they were to decide an animal to draw as a group. In their team they were to decide who was going to draw the head, body and arms and legs of their animal. This activity involved students to listen to one another, compromised and take turns. It was incredible to see how the students negotiated and listen to their peers.



Introducing subtraction!

I hope you all had a good break. Grade 1B have shared all their exciting adventures of their holidays and have settled back into school routine. We have began our Maths learning, introducing subtraction to the students. The students had  lots of concrete materials to really understand the concept of take away. This week we have being using ten frames, counters and a ten sided die. Students placed ten counters on their 10 frames and which ever number was rolled on the 10 sided die, the student had to take away from ten. We extended students learning by writing their equation once they were familiar with concrete materials. Towards the end of the week the students played take away subtraction games with one another, which they all enjoyed.